Your digital identity,
for the non-digital world!

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As the name suggests, helps it’s users to identify themselves at our partners who operate in the physical, non-digital world. You are secured using your mobile number and a personal identification number known only to YOU!

Using app, identifying yourself to all organizations is a cakewalk! No more time wasted entering the same information at multiple entry points.

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  1. Single way to identify oneself to unknown organizations/events.
  2. We VALUE your privacy. Your contact information is never shared with any of our partners!
  3. Follow your interests and retailers for exclusive discounts.
  4. YOU stay in control of what, when and by whom you want to receive an update for.
  5. All partner communication happens through anonymous channel.
  6. Saves time at point of entries at any of our partner organizations.
  7. Your safeguard against identity-fraud.
  8. Good for your Wallet, saving in amazing exclusive discounts from our partners.


  1. Have a single point of entry for all your customers, partners or visitors.
  2. Complete visitor data available digitally at a tap of a button.
  3. Secure your premises with verified system of check-ins; no more entries with fraud phone numbers.
  4. You are informed of your current visitors at any given point of time.
  5. Provides you a channel to communicate directly with your followers.
  6. Invite users to your business with exclusive deals.

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